Landscape Tree Services

Tree Service for Safe and Healthy Trees

Landscape tree services

Landscape tree services: When large trees are growing close to houses, buildings, or play areas it is best to make sure they are safe and healthy so falling branches don’t endanger the structures and people below them. Having a scheduled tree service for safe and healthy trees is a good idea to prevent any accidents.

Many trees in the Sonora area are non-native species. They do not have the same root systems or health. Requirements of trees that have been growing here for hundreds of years.

This is important to realize that these trees can affect the health of the landscape and other trees. If they are not properly cared for.

Our hills are covered in a large variety of species that often shed branches or can even fall in times of wind and storms, Oaks can throw down branches that are both heavy and dangerous, and many other tree species require trimming, cutting and care to ensure the safety and health of the tree. (Landscape tree services)

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