how are essential oils made

Essential Oils

Today we can find essential oils everywhere from the health food store, to the grocery store and almost every other store around me has these little essential oils for sale. So what are they and where do they come from? These oils are used for health, fragrance and mood enhancements. Even therapy sessions such as aroma therapy can be experienced where you lay or sit down to experience various essential oils and have them used on your body.

These oils often come from trees. Many from plants and bushes and flowers and leaves but lots come from the trees that may be living around us. Pine trees cedar trees, lemon trees and many others are used to create these oils. Essential oils can be at home and someone, somewhere, within our community is probably making them. Some essential oils are cold-pressed while others are acquired in a process of steam distillation where the essential oils are extracted diluted and sold.

Trees are not just good for shade, lumber, hugging, tree houses and fruit they also make our medicine. Go try some essential oils, resins and incense and get some shade under the trees.

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