high altitude fruit trees

Fruit Trees for Higher Elevations

High Altitude Fruit Trees: Some fruit just trees cannot grow in higher elevations where we get snow and winter temperatures are freezing. Unfortunately Citrus is one of these and only a special variety of Kumquat is reliable when it comes to citrus and limited snow exposure.
But there are some trees that just do fine and farming at a high elevation or having a few fruit trees around this house can produce quality fruit. Usually, the higher up you go the later the fruit will mature in the year as was the reason why some native tribes travelled up along the rivers as the summer season progressed.
Here is a list of high altitude fruit trees that you can try.


apples do fine in the cold and many apple varieties will produce well at high elevations The sweet sixteen apples are a good choice apple variety for cold climates.


A sour cherry, excellent for pies and jam, self-pollinating and extremely hardy. This cherry can tolerate temperature to -40 °F and still bear fruit.


Large fruit, round, melting and very juicy. The fruit can be used either green or ripe and some varieties can endure temps as low as -50 °F.


not all varieties will survive the cold but some can do well with a decent amount of snow


they do not grow in locations colder than 15 °F. Fig trees can survive some snow and produce a spring and fall crop.


susceptible to late freezes Apricots can be grown with limited care and produce the perfect fruit come harvest time.

Mount Royal Plum:

A beautiful hardy European plum bearing fruits that are large, deep blue, and well-suited for eating raw, preserves and jam.

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