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Who should you call for a fallen tree?

When a Sonora resident recently told us about a large tree that had fallen and needed to be cut up and removed, it was clear nobody in their neighborhood really knew who to call. When a tree falls on private property it is up to the property owner to remove the tree, but what if the tree is on a road or on city property? If the tree is blocking a road or creating a safety concern calling the local police or sheriffs office is good way to make sure that they are aware of the situation and that the tree removal can be dealt with safely. If the tree is not a safety concern you can call the department of public works, this is a branch of city government and their phone number for most cities can easily be found online. The department of public works will send out a tree cutting crew to evaluate and remove the tree if needed. Tree Service companies can help with the removal and maintenance of many trees but they are not the first people to call in the event of a tree falling that has caused any damage. If a structure or electrical lines are damaged by a falling tree it is important that the city and utility companies are notified so that they may assess what work is needed to properly repair the damage. If the tree could possibly be part of an insurance claim be sure to call the insurance company and take photos before removing the tree. Please remember numerous trees fall and create damage each year, watch out for dead or dying trees, they will eventually fall. Take precautions to remove old and damaged trees before they fall and if you see a fallen tree that is blocking a road or causing a safety concern call the local police, for other trees call the city office of public works.

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