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Who should you call for a fallen tree?

When a Sonora resident recently told us about a large tree that had fallen and needed to be cut up and removed, it was clear nobody in their neighborhood really knew who to call. When a tree falls on private property it is up to the property owner to remove the tree, but what if the tree is on a road or on city property? If the tree is blocking a road or creating a safety concern calling the local police or sheriffs office is good way to make sure that they are aware of the situation and that the tree removal can be dealt with safely. If the tree is not a safety concern you can call the department of public works, this is a branch of city government and their phone number for most cities can easily be found online. The department of public works will send out a tree cutting crew to evaluate and remove the tree if needed. Tree Service companies can help with the removal and maintenance of many trees but they are not the first people to call in the event of a tree falling that has caused any damage. If a structure or electrical lines are damaged by a falling tree it is important that the city and utility companies are notified so that they may assess what work is needed to properly repair the damage. If the tree could possibly be part of an insurance claim be sure to call the insurance company and take photos before removing the tree. Please remember numerous trees fall and create damage each year, watch out for dead or dying trees, they will eventually fall. Take precautions to remove old and damaged trees before they fall and if you see a fallen tree that is blocking a road or causing a safety concern call the local police, for other trees call the city office of public works.

Tree Cutting in Sonora

Sonora Area Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting in Sonora: Cutting trees in the motherlode area involves visiting sites where trees are posing a danger to homes or buildings or need to be cut back or removed. Many trees need to be cut due to beetle infestations, or other bug or tree problems that are hurting or killing the tree, or where roots are causing problems with walkways pipes or underground lines. Sonora Area tree cutting helps with tree services for trees that must be removed or trimmed for health and sometimes to improve the view. We provide free Sonora area tree service estimates and great quick tree cutting service to come out and remove problem trees. We serve the Sonora area from Strawberry to Copperopolis and from Groveland To Arnold. Cutting and removal of Pine, Oak, Beetle infested and other trees. Tree cutting and tree Trimming for both residential and commercial property. (209) 227-4932



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tree cutting

Dog Saves Man from Falling Tree

Sonora area Tree Service

Article By Jamie Swooth
Standing by the side of the truck on the road in front of a friends house a man’s dog came out from the thicket and barked and barked at the tree cutting workers like the dog’s owner describes as something he had never done before.

The tree workers could tell he was trying to tell them something. One tree cutting service worker was standing back about 15 feet and walked over to where he was. The dog backed up and as the tree worker followed taking some 20 feet from where he was. When just then a large tree came crashing down in the wind from the hillside. The worker was immediately aware of the fact that the dog saved his life and the dog stopped barking and wagged his tail knowing the tree work service person was alive.

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Landscape Tree Services

Tree Service for Safe and Healthy Trees

Landscape tree services

Landscape tree services: When large trees are growing close to houses, buildings, or play areas it is best to make sure they are safe and healthy so falling branches don’t endanger the structures and people below them. Having a scheduled tree service for safe and healthy trees is a good idea to prevent any accidents.

Many trees in the Sonora area are non-native species. They do not have the same root systems or health. Requirements of trees that have been growing here for hundreds of years.

This is important to realize that these trees can affect the health of the landscape and other trees. If they are not properly cared for.

Our hills are covered in a large variety of species that often shed branches or can even fall in times of wind and storms, Oaks can throw down branches that are both heavy and dangerous, and many other tree species require trimming, cutting and care to ensure the safety and health of the tree. (Landscape tree services)

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how are essential oils made

Essential Oils

Today we can find essential oils everywhere from the health food store, to the grocery store and almost every other store around me has these little essential oils for sale. So what are they and where do they come from? These oils are used for health, fragrance and mood enhancements. Even therapy sessions such as aroma therapy can be experienced where you lay or sit down to experience various essential oils and have them used on your body.

These oils often come from trees. Many from plants and bushes and flowers and leaves but lots come from the trees that may be living around us. Pine trees cedar trees, lemon trees and many others are used to create these oils. Essential oils can be at home and someone, somewhere, within our community is probably making them. Some essential oils are cold-pressed while others are acquired in a process of steam distillation where the essential oils are extracted diluted and sold.

Trees are not just good for shade, lumber, hugging, tree houses and fruit they also make our medicine. Go try some essential oils, resins and incense and get some shade under the trees.

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high altitude fruit trees

Fruit Trees for Higher Elevations

High Altitude Fruit Trees: Some fruit just trees cannot grow in higher elevations where we get snow and winter temperatures are freezing. Unfortunately Citrus is one of these and only a special variety of Kumquat is reliable when it comes to citrus and limited snow exposure.
But there are some trees that just do fine and farming at a high elevation or having a few fruit trees around this house can produce quality fruit. Usually, the higher up you go the later the fruit will mature in the year as was the reason why some native tribes travelled up along the rivers as the summer season progressed.
Here is a list of high altitude fruit trees that you can try.


apples do fine in the cold and many apple varieties will produce well at high elevations The sweet sixteen apples are a good choice apple variety for cold climates.


A sour cherry, excellent for pies and jam, self-pollinating and extremely hardy. This cherry can tolerate temperature to -40 °F and still bear fruit.


Large fruit, round, melting and very juicy. The fruit can be used either green or ripe and some varieties can endure temps as low as -50 °F.


not all varieties will survive the cold but some can do well with a decent amount of snow


they do not grow in locations colder than 15 °F. Fig trees can survive some snow and produce a spring and fall crop.


susceptible to late freezes Apricots can be grown with limited care and produce the perfect fruit come harvest time.

Mount Royal Plum:

A beautiful hardy European plum bearing fruits that are large, deep blue, and well-suited for eating raw, preserves and jam.

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love trees

What about the love trees?
Article Written by May Weirslynn

As I looked out the back window of our mountain house I saw the storm clouds filling the September sky. I was tired of crying, tired of trying to make it work, tired of hoping things would change.

I looked down, weak and shaking, I swallowed my tears, our relationship would fail. After six years and a baby, you were leaving us and I just could not understand how this all happened.

The house was cold and felt so empty even though it was full of all the things we owned. What would happen to us to me? Now, what, I screamed inside but had nothing left inside myself, we just divide the things and make new lives? I was far from ready to start the process and unable to even handle the thoughts.

My friends said I had to be strong for my son, strong for myself and that it would all eventually be ok. I had no energy, no life left, no fight to even ask. I lifted my head and looked out the window again, and there was our tree, a tree we had planted to symbolize our love when we first bought the house.

Love Trees

A tree we picked out together and struggled to get home in our SUV, A tree we planted together just after getting married. The tree was beautiful it was as healthy as ever, not sick, or dead, but thriving and beautiful. Would it stay with the house, would we cut it down before we sold it. What would happen to our love trees?

As days turned to weeks the house and things began to clear. With the help of family and friends I would soon be moving. It was a hot Wednesday afternoon in October when I decided to cut down the tree. I had, had enough and the tree should go.

Cutting Service

I called love trees cutting service and made an appointment to have it removed. The tree service people came and they heard my story. They thought I should wait and they prayed with me for strength. They left without cutting anything and I did not know how to feel.

I hadn’t spoken to Kevin in almost 2 weeks And was no longer waiting anxiously starving for any sign of a chance. I fell asleep easier that night and in the morning the first thing I did, went and look at the tree. The tree was full of life, full of energy, and full of love, and I went outside and thought I just cannot cut it down.

As I sat by the tree I never heard anyone approach but suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Kevin, we cried, we talked and we went inside. Within a week the house was no longer for sale, we moved back him he came back and we made it work. The tree workers never returned, but they were wonderful people who changed my life and I think about them every time I pass a tree service vehicle on the road.

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